How Using the Wrong Fuel Affects Vehicles

How Using the Wrong Fuel Affects Vehicles

August 14, 2018

Every now and then, people space out and put the wrong type of fuel in their car. This could be the result of using the wrong pump, or simply pressing the wrong button at the pumping station. This is particularly harmful when mixing diesel and regular gasoline.

Here is some information from a mobile mechanic in Taft, CA about how the wrong fuel could affect your vehicle.

Diesel fuel in a gasoline engine

In theory, diesel fuel would not ignite in an engine that takesstandard gasoline, because diesel fuel does not vaporize in the same manner as gas. Gasoline engines simply have not been designed to burn diesel fuel, so once your tank runs out of standard gasoline, your engine would shut off, as it would be incapable of burning the diesel fuel.

So if you accidentally put diesel into your gas engine, the best thing to do is shut down your vehicle as soon as you realize you made the mistake. This will help you avoid damaging the internal components of your engine. Once you’ve done this, you’ll need to drain the gas tank and fuel lines. You might be able to accomplish this yourself, but it’s probably safer to ask for professional help with this process.

Standard gasoline in a diesel engine

A diesel engine can sustain some immediate damage after having gasoline put into it. This is because gasoline is much more combustible. It will detonate faster, causing potential misfires of the engine, reducing engine power, causing extra knocking and possibly causing permanent damage to the engine.

There are some types of “clean diesel” vehicles in which any amount of gasoline could do immediate damage to the emissions controls. However, burning standard gasoline will probably cause irreparable damage in just about any type of diesel engine.

If you’ve put gasoline into your diesel engine, you should turn off the vehicle as soon as you realize you’ve made the mistake. Never, ever drive your diesel engine with gasoline fuel in the tank. Instead, you should call for vehicle towing in Taft, CA, as the potential damage from driving your car for too long on the wrong type of fuel will be much more significant and expensive to repair than having your car towed. You’ll need to seek the assistance of a qualified auto technician to have both your fuel lines and the gas tank itself completely drained. Improper drainage can result in further engine damage, which is why it’s so important to have a professional manage this.

There can also be mistakes associated with using the wrong octane of fuel—this sort of mistake should not cause any significant damage to your vehicle. Just make sure you put the correct octane of fuel in your vehicle the next time you fill up.

For more information about how incorrect fuel types could affect your vehicle’s engine, we encourage you to contact Gene’s 24 Hour Emergency Road Service & Towing to speak with a mobile mechanic in Taft, CA. We’d be happy to answer your questions.

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