Helpful Tools to Carry in Your Vehicle

Helpful Tools to Carry in Your Vehicle

September 28, 2018

Safety is priority number one, whether you are on a long road trip or simply driving to the corner store. Road service in Taft, CA is usually just a quick call away, but it’s best to be safe rather than sorry. For this reason, your roadside assistance professionals in Taft, CA have provided this list of helpful tools that should be in every vehicle.


Every vehicle should be carrying a jack. One of the most common roadside assistance issues is a flat tire. This can be easily remedied with a jack and a spare tire. A standard scissor jack is sufficient for a car, but you may consider a hydraulic floor jack if you have a truck or an SUV. Proper use of a jack and spare tire will get you back on the road in no time.

Spare Tire with Air

Your jack isn’t going to do much good without a spare to replace the flat tire. The spare that is included with most cars is not a full replacement but a “donut.” It’s only a temporary solution until you can get a new tire. You would not want to drive on the spare for more than 50 miles. Consult the manufacturer’s specifications to see how far you can safely drive on your spare.

LED Flares

LED road flares are an essential in any vehicle. They are perfect because they provide a very bright light protecting you and your vehicle should there be a problem at night. Unlike standard road flares, they do not give off toxic emissions or dangerous environmental byproducts. Strategically set the LED flares around your vehicle to give you and oncoming traffic a lit view of your situation.

Jumper Cables

A simple battery failure will cause your entire car to shut down. Fortunately, jumper cables can help even a weak battery spring to life to get you back on the road to a place where you can replace the battery. A proper set of jumper cables will include heavy-gauge cables with durable, high-quality, spring-loaded clamps on each end.


It is always helpful to have a Mylar or wool blanket in the car in case you break down on a cool California night. The Mylar traps your body heat and keeps you warm if you completely wrap it around you. Wool blankets require more storage space, but are softer and can also be used as a pillow or a cushion.

Duct Tape

You may be surprised to find duct tape on the list, but duct tape is actually very handy to keep in your car in case of emergencies. Duct tape can actually be quite useful as a temporary fix for many problems and can get you back on the road until you can get your car to the shop. Duct tape can help keep auto body parts together after a fender bender or patch your car together to give you time to bring it to a repair shop. Keep high quality duct tape on hand, because you’ll never know how you might need to use it.

Roadside Assistance in Taft, CA

If you find that you need roadside assistance in Taft, CA, give the best in the business a call. Gene’s 24 Hour Emergency Road Service & Towing has been towing and repairing cars, trucks, RVs and more since 2002. If it can break down, we’ve been able to get it back on the road.

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