How to Direct Traffic Away When Your Car Breaks Down

How to Direct Traffic Away When Your Car Breaks Down

October 18, 2018

In the event that your vehicle breaks down, do you know what to do to keep you and the other drivers safe while you are waiting on a tow? Stopped cars that are difficult to see are the cause of many accidents on the roadway at night. If you find yourself waiting for towing in Taft, CA, follow these simple guidelines to keep yourself, your vehicle and other motorists safe. By the time your towing service in Taft, CA arrives, you will be safe and secure.

Get the Gear

Being prepared makes all the difference if you should find yourself in a situation when your car breaks down. It is essential that you have LED flares, flashlights and a reflective vest in your vehicle, so that you are able to create a safe environment and guide traffic away from your stalled car.

As soon as you notice a problem, turn on your emergency flashers, and pull safely as far to the right as you can while keeping the car on level ground. Keep your emergency flashers on as you gently roll your car to a stop. Take extra care in exiting the car because other drivers may not see you. Wait until there is no one passing you by. Once it is safe, gather the flares, flashlights and vest to prepare for action.

Safety First

Your primary concern should be your own safety. You want to make sure that other drivers can see you. The first action you should take as you exit the car is to put on the reflective safety vest. Strap the vest so that it fits snug and tight. Remember, safety, not comfort, is your goal.

Set the Stage

With a bright colored vest alerting oncoming traffic to your presence, it’s time to place the LED flares strategically, so that they direct traffic away from your vehicle. LED flares are recommended over traditional flares because they shine just as bright and are not flammable.

Place the first flare 10 feet directly behind the side of the vehicle closest to the road. Then, place the second directly behind the vehicle. Line the second flare about 100 feet behind the middle of the bumper. The third flare should be positioned 300 feet behind the vehicles right side. This will give drivers plenty of warning to move left to avoid your car. Be very careful when placing the flares, and watch for oncoming traffic.

Directing Traffic

Traffic now will be diverted away from your car if they see the flares. The final piece is to assist moving traffic along and away from your vehicle until your towing service in Taft, CA arrives. Using your flashlight, move the light energetically in a diagonal fashion in the direction that you want the traffic to flow. Drivers are conditioned to follow this signal and will continue to move along as you guide them safely away from you and your vehicle.

Choosing the Right Towing Service in Taft, CA

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