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How Using the Wrong Fuel Affects Vehicles

August 14, 2018

Every now and then, people space out and put the wrong type of fuel in their car. This could be the result of using the wrong pump, or simply pressing the wrong button at the pumping station. This is particularly harmful when mixing diesel and regular gasoline. Here is some information from a mobile mechanic in Taft, CA about how the wrong fuel could affect your vehicle. Diesel fuel in a gasoline engine In theory, diesel fuel would not ignite in an engine that takesstandard gasoline, because diesel fuel does not vaporize in the same manner as gas. Gasoline engines... View Article

Staying Safe When Your Car Breaks Down

August 14, 2018

Whether you experience an accident or a simple flat tire or breakdown, at some point there’s likely to be a chance you’ll have to deal with a roadside emergency. If there’s a lot of traffic in the area where your vehicle breaks down, you don’t just have to deal with a car that’s not drivable—you also have to contend with the hazards of being stranded in a busy area. By practicing smart roadside safety techniques, you can avoid becoming another statistic in the category of pedestrian accidents. Here are some common-sense tips to help you stay safe when your vehicle... View Article

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June 22, 2018 Jessica L.
""This is a great company. I was stranded 100's of miles away from home when my car broke down, a young woman all by myself late at night in ..."
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"Quality, knowledgeable work! Awesome work Gene! Recommend you to anyone!"
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"Dealing with Gene for my repair was an easy experience. Would recommend his service. Great work. Thank you."
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"He's very honest, cares about your problem from the moment you contact him, and if he cannot help you with it he will direct you to who can ..."
June 13, 2017 Rodney Y.
""Traveling over grapevine with a fifth wheel towards Bakersfield, the driver was probably too heavy with brakes. turned off at Denny's for c..."

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